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Composites for


Gain a competitive advantage 


The unrivaled expertise in construction and production of large advanced composite structures and enormous capacities are perfect conditions to produce blades and other structural parts for the wind industry at Premier Composite Technology in Dubai.


Over the past 20 years our team has been responsible for a some of the biggest composite projects in the world, including:

- 35.000 sqm composite cladding for the 600m high tower in Mecca

- 118 domes, up to 42m in diameter, Emirates Palace

- the largest carbon fibre reinforced civil structure in the world: The mobile mataf of Mecca

- large scale carbon roofs 


Providing 220.000 sqft of manufacturing facilities with an experienced team of over 2.000 employees.


The proximity to the commercial airport and naval port enable quick and reliable worldwide delivery at reasonable costs. 

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