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The aerospace industry is a considerable consumer of advanced composite materials and Premier Composite Technologies Aerospace Division has the both the capability and credibility to serve this industry from its Dubai based headquarters.

Premier Composite Technologies gained entry into this market though Strata Manufacturing PJSC as its sole supplier of honeycomb core kits for the prestigious Airbus A380 platform, in addition we have also supplied kits for the Airbus A350 and Pilatus PC24 platforms.

Beyond our extensive honeycomb core processing capabilities the Aerospace Division also provides advanced composite structures to Exechon Enterprises L.L.C. (a Joint Venture between Lockheed Martin, Tecgrant AB (formerly Exechon AB), a Sweden based technology company and Abu Dhabi-based Injaz National) and EASAT Radar Systems, a market leader in the design and

manufacture of bespoke high-performance radar antennas and radar systems.

Aerospace Division holds certification to AS/ EN 9100:2016 as well as the approval to the below Airbus special processes:

  • 80-T-30-0032 – Machining of Composite FRP Components

  • AIPS03-02-018 – Manufacture of Structural Sandwich Parts with Thermosetting Fiber Reinforced Skins (Chapter 9).

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