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Mataf Elevated Walkway


The largest carbon fibre reinforced civil structure in the world; the mataf consists of two walkways. The structure is designed to accommodate up to 35,000 people. The outer ring stands 13 metres high whilst the lower second ring stands 4 metres high. Each ring is approximately 12 metres wide. The two rings and access ramps cover an overall area of 7500m2.


To provide space for worshippers to perform the prayers near the Kaaba a temporary mataf has been built in 2014 and completely dismantled and removed after May 2016. The frame structure offers a maximum load-bearing capacity with a minimum amount of material. The high stiffness allows for a high comfort for pilgrims. The entire structure can be built and disassembled quickly without the need for heavy tools which was one of the crucial demands for the work in the courtyard of mosque. This unique carbon composite structure enables to keep the capacity during the 3-year renovation phase.

The floor panels for each ring are manufactured from a carbon epoxy laminate with a structural foam core. The surfaces are then covered with sintered glass. The beams that structurally support the floor panels are also carbon epoxy reinforced parts. The ceiling panels of each ring are moulded into decorative patterned panels using the same epoxy foam sandwich/carbon reinforcement construction. Each panel is also embedded with LED lighting.

All the structural elements including the columns are manufactured from carbon fibre composite materials. The panel moulds are milled to the greatest degree of accuracy using the Premier Composite Technologies 5 and 6 Axis milling machines to ensure all design joints are 100% accurate to the nearest millimetre for optimum load resilience. Overall the two rings are structurally supported by a total of 72 carbon tubular pillars. Built entirely out of carbon fibre using a filament winding process, the epoxy/carbon structures are up to 13 metres tall, with the largest weighing only 1.5 tonnes. A total of 400 tons of carbon fibre composites has been used, which makes it the largest carbon fibre reinforced civil structure in the world.

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