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Composites for


Saving costs and time on a large scale 


With the primary focus being upstream and downstream operators in the Oil and Gas Industries, PCR products are specifically designed for the repair and strengthening of metallic as well as non-metallic components. Premier Composite Repairs (PCR) is a business unit of PCT providing composite repair solutions that restore the structural integrity of critical pipelines, pipework and vessels of any given diameter and geometry.


PCT has developed its  product range of ISO 24817:2017 (E) and ASME PCC-2 compliant repair systems to be suitable for internal and external corrosion including through-wall defects. With a large team of dedicated design/structural engineers and as the only composite repairs provider based in the middle east, clients benefit from full in-house repair design and FEA analysis along with reduced lead times for mobilisation.


PCR offers clients a safe and efficient way to extend the life of major transmission pipelines, piping systems, vessels and tanks with minimal impact on production.

Advantages of Premier Composite Repairs

  • No hot work (welding) is required and repairs can be performed live with no shutdowns.

  • Suitable for internal and external corrosion, including through wall defects.

  • PCT is perfectly positioned to quickly serve customers globally.

  • Our large skilled workforce and significant stocks of composite materials mean we can respond rapidly to clients’ repair requirements.

  • PCT provides a bespoke engineering design, full in house FEA structural analysis and a deep understanding of the composites being used in every repair.

  • Cost effective and guaranteed repairs tested up to 295bar.


Our system is applicable for:​

  • Pipelines and piping systems

  • Complex geometries (T’s and bends)

  • Protection during thrust boring (HDD)

  • GRP and GRE pipes and components

  • Jetty and pier support columns

  • Bridges

  • Caissons

  • Splash zone repairs

  • Steel beams, sections and supports

  • Decks, flat roofs and walls

  • Walkways, steps and handrails

  • Concrete structures

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