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Composites for


Premier Composite Technologies is an independent composite supplier with enormous capacities. The pressure of increasingly stringent emissions regulations is a driving factor to reduce weight of vehicles and this is most easily achieved through utilizing more advanced composite materials.


Due to our diversification strategy PCT is planning to finish the investment in a new production plant which fulfills all needs of the automotive industry in 2020. In the new production plant we will be able to fulfill the requirements of standardized high volume production of composite products.


The PCT-team already consists of experienced engineers with a long working history at automotive OEMs or Tier 1 suppliers. Other members of our team have worked on long term body engineering of series of cars as well as in development of carbon parts for racing or super sports cars.


Our in-house capabilities for design and structural analysis allow us to select and develop the best production processes, tooling and mould design, manufacturing of all tooling, prototypes, including prepreg materials, autoclave technology, sampling, pre-series and series production of large volumes utilizing press technologies through automation of many aspects of the process.

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