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Composites for



PCT has expanded its overall strategy to diversify into new markets and broaden its offering to leverage its position as a leading global supplier of advanced composite components in the rail industry. Advanced composites provide lightweight solutions for railway vehicles saving as much as 50%-80% of the weight compared with traditional components.


A lower overall weight translates into less stress, faster acceleration and higher speeds, as well as reduced starting and stopping inertia. Today, these are important criteria in global high-speed and metropolitan railway projects.


Fire, smoke and toxic fumes are key considerations for interior components of railway carriages. Any material selected for an interior component must meet international fire retardant standards.


Our Rail teams technical expertise covers the following areas:

  • Rail interiors including ceilings, window panels, partition walls, gangway panels, door pillars, cabinet panels, seats, intercirculation panels, underseat boxes, vestibule areas, stairs, diffusers and other composite panels.

  • Drivers cabin interiors including drivers desk, partition walls, and other drivers cabin composite panels.

  • Rail exteriors including front ends, train roofs and under fairings, back ends.  

  • Toilet cabins including plumbing, electrical, pneumatic and tank systems.

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