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Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of Advanced Composite Components. 

Our mission is to shape the future by creating unprecedented value and opportunity with a unique and impassioned approach in using composite technology.


PCT offers turn-key solutions and has the capability to deliver complex projects across our business sectors.

With its headquarters based in Dubai, UAE, the Company is ideally positioned to serve a truly global customer base. Facilities include 9 large manufacturing sites in Dubai Investments Park.

Following a tremendous growth, PCT currently proudly employs over 1,900 people in a multicultural environment, attracting the best design expertise and manufacturing know-how from all over the world.


Founded in 2006 by Managing Director Hannes Waimer with partners from UAE, KSA and Germany, PCT offers unrivaled and internationally renowned expertise in Advanced Composites Construction, with a focus on innovative, unique, tailor-made technical solutions.


In its over 25 years’ experience of manufacturing composite components the founding management team has undertaken the construction of a large number of projects globally covering a wide range of complex composite structures. 

PCT is incorporated in the UAE, with offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. The Company conducts business in eight core sectors:


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