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We only have one Earth. Let´s take care of it !

For PCT, business is a long-term endeavour that is reflected in our infrastructure, our relationships with our clients, and our careful stewardship of the physical and social environment. The sustainability of our operations has a direct influence on our business. It affects the way we approach our projects, creates new business opportunities, strengthens our competitive edge, impacts our costs, and helps us contribute to our customers’ long-term profitability. We are committed to making PCT a leading sustainable business and support services company.




At PCT, we are aware of the impact that our work can have on the environment, and as such, environmental management forms an important element of our project management and reporting systems. Our project teams work with our customers and suppliers in adopting best practices in reducing waste, managing use of water and raw materials, and take all practicable steps to prevent pollution of the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility


“Corporate Social Responsibility” is fast emerging as one of the keywords that define today’s business environment. Premier Composite Technologies recognises the increasing emphasis on the social roles and functions of companies and every year engages in a variety of strategic social contribution programs. The Company will continue to seek and develop unique social contribution models and campaigns that reflect its core values.

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