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Astana, Kazakhstan  

Nur Sultan Grand Mosque

In 2019, Sembol Construction contracted Dewan Architects + Engineers to undertake the inimitable design of the Nur-Sultan Grand Mosque. The mosque is the largest in Central Asia and reflects the multifarious elements of Kazakh culture and Islamic traditions.

The qibla wall that faces the Kaaba in Mecca is lavishly decorated with the 99 names of Allah. It is a contender to be the greatest of its kind, not only because of its total size but the sheer number of crystals it contains.

PCT was commissioned by Trend Middle East to manufacture and install the qibla wall, which is assembled from 80 large size lightweight composite panels built from a fire-resistant glass fibre sandwich build-up . The panels up to 11.2x3.4 meters in size were produced in Dubai, the intricate Italian hand-cut glass mosaic by Trend was hand applied before the panels were packed and shipped to site.

The Grand Mosque’s unique structure stands out with its ability to host up to 30,000 visitors and spans over 57,000m2. Four towering minarets rise 130 metres above the central dome and can be seen city-wide.

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