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PCR-GX is an engineered composite repair system consisting of an epoxy adhesive primer, multi-axial E-glass reinforcement and a high performance epoxy resin system. Applied by qualified installers, and with repairs designed to ISO 24817:2015 and ASME PCC-2 using an in-house engineering program, PCR-GX can be used for strengthening applications, internal and external corrosion including leaking through wall defects. 

Repair System Properties

Quadraxial (0°, +/-45°, 90°) E-glass stitched fabric.


Ambient cure epoxy resin with extended working time for very hot climates.


All geometries of pipelines and piping systems and other components. External and internal corrosion, including leaks.  


Operating temperature to 80 O C with standard resin system, high temp (high Tg) version available that requires a post cure.


Tested to 295 bar – 80% external wall loss.


Reinforcement and resin system  - 12 months at 25 OC


5 - 8 hours


Resin system:


Suitable for:


Max Temperature:



Max Pressure:


Storage shelf life:


Drying Time:

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