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Exechon XMini Carbon Parts 

The XMini is a robotic, next-generation, intelligent, portable machine system that uses Parallel Kinematics Machining (PKM) to support industrial automated manufacturing capabilities. The Exechon XMini is the first Machine Tool Robot in the world, fabricated out of carbon fibre, with the unique capability of performing high speed machining as well as machining with high torque at low rpm. It is also the first modular machine ever built. The device which is made of carbon fibre, can be taken apart and reassembled inside spaces traditionally inaccessible to machines or people, such as an aircraft wing box. Built in 4 modules, each part is manageable by one or two persons. The XMIni can be used as a standalone tool or part of an existing production system. The machine merges the flexibility and high dynamics of the articulated-arm robot with the stiffness and accuracy of the rigid machine tool.

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