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UHPC Mashrabiya -

Al Garhoud Towers

The PCT UHPC Mashrabiya is bridging the gap between modern architecture and traditional, characteristic Arabic residences. The Mashrabiya was an integral part of Arab lifestyle. The mash gives shade from the sun, while allowing the cool air to flow through. 
The PCT decoration pattern is made of the innovative material UHPC , which combines great strength with low maintenance and reasonable production costs. The innovative hanger system is nearly invisible and used in a way that may create the impression that the  Mashrabiya is floating in front of the building. The system comprises of stainless steel support brackets prefixed to the main structure prior to the installation of the curtain wall. The panels are attached using slender brushed stainless steel rods and forks that provide dead load, wind load and seismic load support to the facade screen.
The Mashrabiya co...

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