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TP 52 Platoon


Platoon is the name of the German-flagged TP52 team of Harm Müller-Spreer. The vastly experienced and successful owner-helm has won the Dragon Gold Cup three times and ordered 2015 his first new TP52 due to the appeal of the 52 SUPER SERIES and it´s strong owner-driver ethos. 

Due to the success of his first PCT built Platoon, the owner orders a new Platoon in 2018. Sea trials of the boat were completed in Dubai in spring, with the owner and crew, taking advantage of the favourable sailing conditions and the proximity to PCT HQ for final completion and handover of the boat. Sailing in breezes from 6 to 16 knots, the boat was tested across a satisfactory spectrum of conditions and passed with flying colours.

The PCT built Platoon, is a striking race boat, with a hand painted, symbolic livery, which projects a purposeful warrior-like attitude towards the job in-hand. The boat is a credit to the whole marine team, especially the builders, who have pulled this project together in a seamless and professional fashion, wherever possible saving gramme after gramme of weight, to enhance performance on the water.

Results Platoon 2

1. TP52 World Championship Puerto Portals 2019
1. Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week 2019
2. Palma Vela 2019

Results Platoon 1
2. Rolex TP52 World Championship 2017
2. 2nd overall TP52 Superseries 2017
1. Rolex TP52 World Championship 2017
2. TP52 World Championship 2015

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