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Sustainability Pavilion  

Sun Tracking E-Trees


Originally inspired by the waxy-leaved Blood Dragon trees seen in Oman, that grow in arid conditions and follow the movement of the sun, these photovoltaic trees, located at the Dubai 2020 Expo Sustainability Pavilion, come in two sizes spanning 17.5 and 16.3m in diameter.


Once provided with the original idea and design concept from the architects at Grimshaw, the team at PCT identified another area to draw inspiration from: our marine department. Recognizing the possible parallels between carbon fibre steering wheels for high performance yachts and the design of the presented project.  

Final Etreeinspo-01.jpg

The use of CFRP for the production of the "tree crowns" enabled the required slender and organic design while providing a high level of stiffness to avoid any unwanted deflections. The lightweight constriction keeps the load manageable for the mechanical rotation system that allows the E-trees to track the sun as the days progress to ensure that the up to 14 tonnes of PV panels are always ideally positioned to maximize their efficiency.

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