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Prophet's Holy Mosque


In the late 80's the team behind PCT developed innovative techniques for the production of 27 sliding domes for the Prophet‘s Holy Mosque in Medina. The lightweight composite domes provide a mobile roof to the internal courtyards, sliding open and closed to counteract extreme temperature changes and to support the controlled air-conditioned environment of the mosque.


The domes are made from a sandwich of glass fibre and epoxy resin composite with a thermoplastic foam core. This material is strong, durable and extremely lightweight with as little as 85% of the weight of an equivalent dome built in concrete. Low thermal expansion means there are no shrinkage problems and edge flanges give them stiffness for a bolted panel-to-panel connection.


Prefabricated panels were shipped to site. All outer panels are constructed from carbon and glass fibre and laminated with ceramic tiles. The sliding domes are based on the concept of convertible roofs. Each dome slides open on a wheel carriage to reveal natural light and air.


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