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Alstom Panama Line 2 Interiors


Scope of Supply: 
Project Duration: 
Train Manufacturer: 
Train Operating Country: 
Fire Norms: 
Surface Finish: 

The new "Line 2" of Panama metro has started commercial operation in 2019. It is 21km long and includes 16 stations. The line will be able to carry up to 40,000 passengers per hour and per direction. Line 2 will interconnect with line 1 which was also equipped by Alstom and inaugurated in April 2014. With the new line, Panama metro network will total 37 kilometers.
PCT was commissioned to produce a variety different parts which were produced with 21 types of molds on a tight just-in-time delivery schedule. 
The Scope of work included tool design, industrialization, tooling, tes...

- Door Pillars and cabinets

- 2017 - 2019

- Alstom

- Panama

- NFF16 - 101

- Painted + Anti Graffiti clear coat

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