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P38 - Powerboat


Designed by Farr Yacht Design and built by Premier Composite Technologies of Dubai. This exciting and beautiful sports boat exhibits a powerful stepped hull with shear sides, integrated centre console, comfortable lounging area forwards and a spacious aft deck, creating an open and relaxed atmosphere. The Premier 38 (P38) is built, using the latest technology and techniques by PCT, using a combination of GRP and infused carbon composites to increase rigidity and save weight.


The hull and deck are infused carbon/foam composite structures. A full-length carbon/glass chassis joins the hull and deck together and the hardtop is carbon composite supported on a carbon fibre structure.


Powered by up to three 350 HP engines, the P38 will comfortably achieve speeds in excess of 60 knots, making the Premier 38 one of the fastest boats in this class.


Also available: P55 and P61

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