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Premier Composite Technologies at the WETEX 2017, Dubai, UAE

Premier Composite Renewable Green Energy is a solution provider for Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems (BIPV), specialized PV systems and complex LED lighting solutions integrated with PCT composite cladding solutions.


Premier Composite Technologies at the Dubai Boat Show 2017, Dubai Marina, UAE

Premier Composite Technologies attended the Dubai International Boat Show 2017, showcasing two new boats The Premier61(P61) and the Melges26 (M26). Both boats were met with enthusiasm from potential buyers and boat enthusiasts.


The design and performance capabilities of these boats attracted much discussion among visitors to the stand. The fact that Premier Composite Technologies is based in Dubai also generated some buzz among the Emirati visitors.


Premier Composite Technologies at the ADIPEC 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Premier Composite Repairs (PCR) provides engineered composite repairs that restore the structural integrity of critical pipelines, pipework and vessels of any given diameter and geometry.

With the primary focus being upstream and downstream operators in the Oil & Gas industries, PCR products are specifically designed for the repair and strengthening of metallic, as well as non-metallic, components. PCT has developed its new product range of ISO 24817:2015 and ASME PCC-2 compliant repair systems to be suitable for internal and external corrosion including through wall defects.

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