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PCT has developed a sophisticated training program for our Oil & Gas team. The two section course provides a training in composite repairs. Beside the training a proprietary software tool covers appr. 80% of all repair cases and secures the correct dimension and workflow of the repair process.


The first section of the course covers the key safety, technical and QA/QC related points. HSE is a critical part of our work as the sites we work on in Oil and Gas (and other industries) are inherently high risk areas. Each individual is responsible for strict adherence to the QHSE standards of client as well as PCT. Risk assessment will have been carried out but all personnel should familiarize themselves with the following:

  • MSDS (material and their associated hazards).

  • PPE working on site.

  • Good housekeeping practices on site.

  • Clean-up procedure, in case of any spills.

  • Safe disposal of materials and consumables at the end of the job.

The second section of the course focuses on the practical tasks and activities required to carry out a job on site. It conveys deep knowledge concerning materials PCT uses in it´s Oil & Gas composite repair processes, explains common causes of pipeline, plant & equipment failure and visualizes how to handle unusual damages. 

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