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Marine History


The core team around PCT's Marine division started gaining experinece optimising sailing yacht parts in the early 80´s, leading to the development and production of ready to sail high performance racing yachts.

Early PCT high-tech racing yachts include builds like the  Mumm 30 (Farr 30), Farr 40 and Farr 52, Premier Composite Technologies have also built custom designed cruise racers like DK 43, JV39, Ker 53 or Landmark 43.

Today the marine team consists of a commercial department, naval architects and designers, project leaders, marine engineers and 80+ boat builders.  In addition to these considerable resources, the marine team also benefits from access to PCT’s personnel in the milling, R&D, quality and assurance and the wood & metalwork departments.

Construction takes place under a tight quality and assurance process, using the latest materials and techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for each project.

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