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Service Station of the Future

Designed by the world renowned architects at AEDAS and inspired by the UAE's national tree, the Ghaf, this service station is located at the Expo 2020 Dubai site. 

Once presented with the initial concept the team at PCT worked closely with Ignacio Gomez, Global Design Principal at AEDAS, and his team to create a modular canopy suitable for production in carbon fibre, as opposed to the initial aluminum frame design.


Marking the first time that carbon fibre was used to construct the entire structure of a service station canopy, it now consist of 133 diamond shaped carbon fibre frames housing ETFE inflated cushions and photovoltaic panels. The entire structure is supported by an exoskeleton consisting of 9 slender moulded CFRP Ghaf trees. 

In line with the overall sustainability theme of the 'Expo 2020' the 'Enoc Service Station of the Future' is the first petrol station ever to attain LEED platinum certification.

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