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Dokkae Tower Cresent

The composite crescent built from carbon and glass fibre stands at the very top of the tower Abraj  al-bait Tower and measures 23 metres in diameter, making it the largest crescent ever built. Engineers designed the crescent so that it is self-supportive and therefore requires no steel structure, this helps to keep the weight as low as possible. The crescent is built in a similar way to a sailing boat with structural composite frames, like bulkheads inside a yacht. Inside the crescent there is a fully contained living space that consists of 4 floors that are used for prayers and resting, 2 floors house an office, kitchen and bathroom. 


Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) was named the winner of the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce first “AHK Production Award” for its work in the production of advanced composite components for the Clock Tower and Crescent.


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