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Stunning Façade at Dior Store, Mall of the Emirates

The newly renovated Dior Store at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai features a stunning façade made with approximately 10,000 linear meters of custom-made white and gold Cabkoma Strand carbon fiber rods.

These carbon fiber rods, known for their lightweight yet high-strength properties, are typically used in demanding structures like bridges and high-rise buildings. Their exceptional durability and versatility also make them perfect for creating intricate facades and unconventional building shapes.

For this project, the architect envisioned a multilayered façade that feels airy and elegant. This vision was realized by installing and tensioning the rods in a complex pattern, with all fittings hidden from view. Each rod was cut to size, and all custom stainless steel (SS) fittings used for the tensioning system were produced in-house and bonded to the carbon rods at both ends. These SS fittings were engineered based on mast tensioning systems used on racing yachts.

The Premier Composite Technology (PCT) team meticulously pre-assembled the rods and prepared an installation frame to ensure a smooth on-site installation process. The final installation was carried out by our skilled team of installers. The result is a beautiful, sophisticated façade that enhances the luxurious aesthetic of the Dior Store, showcasing the innovative use of advanced composite materials.

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