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Citadis X05 Trams (CAEN Fairings)


Scope of Supply: 
Project Duration:
Train Manufacturer: 
Train Operating Country: 
Fire Norms: 
Surface Finish: 

The Citadis X05 tram for Caen la Mer, built by Alstom, is 33 meters long and equipped with 6 double doors on each side, it will be able to transport more than 210 passengers. PCT was commissioned to manufacture the train cab front ends . The Scope of work included Tool design, industrialization, tooling, testing (fire smoke & mechanical), manufacturing, assembly, painting & delivery to La Rochelle France. The panels, which were produced using a HLU Process, comply with EN45545 fire safety regulations.

- Cab frontend (fairings)

- 2017 - 2019

- Alstom

- France

- EN45545

- Painted (multi color) + Anti Graffiti clear coat

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