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Shamia Ceremonial Dome


The ceremonial dome of the “The Great Mosque of Mecca“ is a 36 diameter wide dome, two stepped movable in closed and open position. The scope of work includes the upper roof and lower roof, outer shells, marble friezes, tambour, drainage pipes, gratings, LED light poles, fall arrest, upper/lower roof inner shells and coffers and soffits panels. It also includes the mechanical motor ‘Boogie’ to support the dome to move in open and closed position. The internal and external composite panels are supported by a 470 tonne steel frame that turns and is supported on four boogies which move along stainless steel rails fixed to a concrete structure.


The finishes are similar to that of the Fixed Domes. Skylights comprise of internal and external frieze panels with marble finishes to twelve movable skylights and four fixed skylights.


Finishes include mosaic tile and marble finishes to the exterior and maple veneers, teak ornaments amazonite stone inlays and gold frames, gilded gold profiles and teak profiles to the interior.

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