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Carkeek 60 - Ichi Ban


The Carkeek 60 (C60) is the first of a new breed of race boat built by Premier Composites that combines speed with strength in a relatively simple hull form. The new boat has a rounded hull shape derived from the TP52's like Hooligan and Team New Zealand but the extra length should allow it to sail away from the TP52s.


With tall and very upright topsides, the C60 has plenty volume inside her lightweight 10.9 ton carbon hull, right through to the full bows. Underwater, a slim and high aspect (nearly 15 foot deep) fixed bulb keel is used, along with an equally slim single spade rudder.


The Carkeek 60 is a relatively simple, yet very powerful boat, with minimum appendages, a powerful hull-form and high ballast/displacement ratio.


The comprehensive onboard hydraulic system means that the decks are relatively uncluttered and the twin binnacles are located relatively far forward in the cockpit, allowing space aft for the mainsheet track and coaming winches for the running backstays.

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