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Carkeek 40 MKII


Designed by Shaun Carkeek, the Carkeek 40 (C40) was designed specifically under the High Performance Rule (HPR), where Carkeek was able to draw on their experience from multiple victories in MedCup, TP52, and GP42 championships. The C40 MKII is a lightweight, grand prix racing boat and is significantly lighter than an equivalent IRC boats, but with a very different hull form.


The boat is available in two options, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Custom, utilising a carbon, nomex construction for ultra-high performance.


At 3,850kg the C40 SA/DISP ratios are similar to the latest generation of TP 52s, and over a 1000kg lighter than the lightest IRC 40s. The lightweight carbon construction in combination with a high sail area to displacement ratio, high ballast to displacement ratio, and generous draft allow the C40 MKII to excel upwind in light and heavy airs. Particular attention has been paid to developing a hull form that planes off the wind in the light, but has enough stability to support its large power to weight ratio in heavier conditions.

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