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Angola Assembly Hall


PCT’s Largest Built Dome to Date was successfully installed in Angola in less than four weeks and approximately another four weeks for touch-up works. The main contractor and PCT’s direct client is the Portuguese construction company Teixeira Duarte.


The dome was designed by Dar Al Handasah and consists of 150 advanced composite panels, with a diameter of 42 meters and a height of approximately 23 metres, measuring 2.4 x 11.5 metres and a total composite area of 4,100m2.


The dome manufacturing duration was estimated between 16 to 20 weeks. All the prefabricated panels were shipped to Luanda and assembled in record time averaging 130-150m2 of watertight dome cladding (or six panels) per day.


This brings the total installed surface to an average of 800-900m2 per week. The dome was finished with terracotta coloured glass mosaic tiles and the white projected ribs are lit up by LED fittings to illuminate the decorative elements externally during the night overlooking the Angolan Capital City of Luanda.


The composite dome is PCT’s largest built dome to date and its first in Angola which forms the visual centrepiece of the new National Assembly Hall.


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