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Re-repair of Leaking Composite Repair

The aim of the PCR composite repair on 28" header line was to restore the integrity of leaking composite repair using PCR hand layup process, this was engineered to ISO 24817:2015(E) standard.  



  • PCR Composite Repair to reinstate leaking composite repair section on 28” header line.     

  • Required repair design pressure 47 bar.     

  • Required repair design temperature 82°C.     

  • Repair Lifetime 2 years.     

  • The thickness required for restoring the integrity was engineered in accordance with ISO 24817:2015(E), 10 layers of PCR-CX2.  



  • Application during summer months with high ambient air temperature conditions.     

  • Due to spark risks, the surface preparation is limited to St.2.     

  • It was difficult to find out the leaking path through the composite.



  • Surface preparation was done to Swedish standard St 2.     

  • PCR Metal putty was used to profile the defect and make it in line with the surface.     

  • PCR epoxy adhesive primer was applied on the pipe to enhance the adhesion between the carbon layers.     

  • Application of 10 layers of PCR-CX2 using hand layup method. 

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