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PDO SP2109 Qualification: Oman

The aim of the PCR composite repair was to restore structural integrity of 16"spool with sever multiple through-wall defects as per PDO SP2109 standard.  


Size of the through wall defects were as follows:     

  • Axial slot of 400mm x 25mm on a straight section.     

  • Circular type defect of  ø25mm on a bend section.     

  • Circumferential slot of size 800mm x 25mm on a TEE section.     

  • Circular type defect of  ø25mm on a TEE section.    



  • Scope of work is provide an engineering design for 20 bar design pressure and 85 °C design temperature.     

  • The thickness required for restoring the structural integrity was engineered to ISO 24817:2015(E) standard:

-Axial Slot : 6 PCR-GX + 6 PCR-CX2.         

-Circular type defect on bend :  6 PCR-GX + 6 PCR-CX2.        

-Circumferential slot and circular hole on tee section :  6 PCR-GX + 10 PCR-CX2.     

  • Pressure testing carried out as per PDO SP2109 standard - 48 hours.  



  • Avoiding fiber buckling due to high width of the defect.       

  • It was challenging to avoid buckling of the spool while lifting and positioning as there was a significant metal loss in circumferential slot defect.                                                                   



  • Surface preparation was done to Swedish standard Sa 2.5.     

  • PCR epoxy adhesive primer was applied to enhance the bonding between substrate and fabric layers.     

  • Repair thickness applied as per ISO 24817:2015(E).   

  • Inspection of completed composite repaired layers was performed by client's third party inspector.

  • Pressure test was done as per SP2109 i.e. Repair laminate to be subjected with a test pressure of 1.5 times design pressure for one hour followed by a leak tightness test at 1.1 times design pressure for 23 hours followed by cyclic testing at 10 cycles per hour between 0.2 times design pressure and design pressure for 25 hours.     

  • All the temperature and pressure readings where recorded while testing.



  • Successfully completed PDO qualification as per SP 2109. 

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