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Paddington Square Architectural Mast

PCT was commissioned to engineer and fabricate a 30-meter high, exceptionally sleek architectural mast situated on Level 17 of the Paddington Square Office building in central London. This project, including both the building and the mast, was conceptualized by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
The mast was constructed at PCT’s manufacturing facilities in Dubai, employing state-of-the-art composite materials specifically engineered to permit flexible movement in response to wind forces. The mast comprises a tapered tube made from glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) material, and it was manufactured in two segments, each approximately 15 meters in length.
These segments were transported to London and assembled on-site by our skilled site team. The mast is anchored to the primary structure of the building via a steel base that includes an integrated hinging mechanism, facilitating the lowering of the mast for maintenance purposes. The process of lowering and raising the mast is executed using a detachable mechanism equipped with powered screw jacks. This entire system, encompassing design, assembly, and installation, was developed and implemented by PCT

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