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Mills 45 - Concubine


This was the first Mills IRC 45′ design, built by Premier Composites Technologies. The brief was originally for an aggressive IRC racer, fitting above the IRC 40's and below the IRC 52's, incorporating a optimization package to make the boat a competitive all-rounder in whatever racecourse or venue its clients intended to compete. The finished product however, ended up being longer, wider and a more powerful development of the original design, with a more aggressive performance to rating profile.


The hull & deck are constructed of carbon infused epoxy laminate & core cell foam under vacuum and cured in an oven.  The Mills 45 also features additional optimized carbon infused reinforcements around all deck fittings and other highly loaded areas.  Internally, the hull and deck liners  are also lightweight, infused carbon/epoxy over foam core with uni-directional fibre reinforcement and a gelcoat finish.  The yacht also incorporates a retracting propulsion system. Tight weight controls and measurements are maintained throughout the build process, to ensure that the boat achieves its target displacement weight of 5,500kgs.


The design target IRC rating was 1.3 TCC and all of the design trials are within a couple of clicks within that target. The boat is expected to be at the fastest end of Division 2 or still quick enough to be able to hang on to the Division 1 boats, depending on the class rating splits at different regattas.

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