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Mechanical Damaged

Pipe Repair: UAE

The aim of the PCR composite repair was to restore structural integrity of the pipe using PCR abrasive resistant padding on the pipe section having severe internal metal loss due to high abrasive medium leading to through wall defect.  



  • Repair to provide high abrasive resistant over the defect.     

  • Required repair design pressure 2 bar.     

  • Required repair design temperature 70°C.     

  • The thickness required for restoring the integrity was engineered in accordance with ISO 24817:2015(E), 6 layers of PCR-CX2.  



  • Application of PCR abrasive padding followed by reinforcement using PCR-CX2.     

  • Application of PCR-CX2 was challenging due to space constraints.



  • Surface preparation was done to Swedish Standard ST 2.     

  • PCR epoxy adhesive primer was applied on the pipe to enhance the adhesion between substrate and PCR-CX2 layers.     

  • PCR special abrasive resistant padding was used over the defect.     

  • Application of 6 layers PCR-CX2 using hand layup.


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