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Makkah Holy Mosque BIPV

The world’s biggest BIPV-project, the HOLY MOSQUE in MAKKAH. At the four North Bridges PCT is installing a 1.2 megawatts PV system composed of customized arched and flat sized SUNOVATION PV modules which perfectly fit the design of the bridge. 
Electrical Power PV system:         1.3 MWpAnnual Production:                       1.6 GWhSize of PV system:                        8981 sqms
Four 4 PV roof shooters, 2 with a size of approximately 161 meters and 2 approximately 133mm. The roof shooters are composed of SUNOVATION modules also.     Electrical Power PV system:         0.4  MWpAnnual Production:                       0.6 GWhSize of PV system:                        2900 sqms
In th...

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