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Medinah Haramain High Speed Railway Station

Concourse Roof


The Medinah station concourse roof is built in a unique design of umbrellas with green tiling giving it a remarkable and eye-catching appearance. The concourse roof design consists of a highly repetitive pattern that is made up of 41 panels that fit together to make one large square module 27 x 27 metres. Each panel is required to be structurally lightweight, fire resistant, immune to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and easy to install.


The structure has been designed to use as much natural light as possible. For this purpose the roof panels have unique diamond shaped skylights incorporated into the design. The composite roof has a suspended inner ceiling made of green anodized aluminium segments with a special embossed perforated pattern and fixed anti-glare lamellas to help achieve high reflectivity (a minimum of 95%). The glass skylights are dropped into the moulded recess after the roof is assembled and are equipped with anti-glare system to enhance the light distribution inside the station.


Working alongside Foster + Partners and Buro Happold, PCT developed an advanced composite solution that would meet all requirements. The roof is structurally built using a fire resistant composite of glass fibre and epoxy resin combined with lightweight foam core and is finished with glass mosaic coloured tiles. PCT produced 1,312 of these panels to complete the 26,400m2 surface area of the Medinah station concourse roof.


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