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GASCO Qualification : UAE

The aim of the PCR composite repair was to restore structural integrity of 6" spool having through-wall defect, engineered to ISO 24817:2015(E) standard.    


The size of the through-wall circular type defect on a straight pipe was ø25mm.    



  • Scope of work was to provide an engineered design for 85 bar design pressure and 85°C design temperature.       

  • The thickness required for restoring the structural integrity of the spool with 25mm circular through wall defect was engineered in accordance with ISO 24871:2015(E), 6 PCR-GX+10 PCR-CX2.  



  •  Avoiding fiber buckling due to high width of the defect.    


  •  Surface preparation was done to Swedish standard Sa 2.5.     

  •  PCR epoxy adhesive primer was applied to enhance the bonding between substrate and fabric layers.     

  •  Repair thickness applied as per ISO 24817:2015(E).     

  •  Inspection of completed composite repaired layers was performed by client's third party         inspector.     

  •  Strength test. The repair was subjected to study increase pressure by 20 bar and hold it for 5   min continued the process until reaches design pressure 85 bar, further hold for 1 hours   duration.     

  •  Leak test: leak test was carried out by increasing the pressure steadily 10 bar/min until it leaks   maximum pressure.     

  •  All the temperature and pressure readings where recorded while testing.    


  • Successfully completed the qualification test, without any failure and reaching pressure up to 250 bar.


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