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Farr 400


PCT collaborated with Farr Yacht Design to design and build this all carbon, one design 40ft racer. The FARR 400 was engineered to push the boundaries of modern design and utilise the latest building practices to create an aggressive one-design racer that is technically consistent, ensuring absolute equal performance across the whole class.

All major geometry was created by precision 5 axis milling to ensure complete accuracy and the boat is the first in its class to be built entirely from carbon using epoxy infusion methods to create the highest quality.

Modern one design fleets require that the FARR 400 can be easily and cost effectively transported to locations around the globe. For this reason, special attention has been paid to both trailer transportation and container shipping. The trailer arrangement has been designed to eliminate the need for expensive trailer permits and the mast has also been designed to separate into two sections, effectively allowing the entire racing program to fit into a single flat rack container.

The Farr 400 is now available with a bow modification, which increases the water line length, improving upwind performance and enhances the rating for handicap racing.

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