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Externally Corroded

Pipeline Repairs: Iraq

The aim of the PCR composite repair was to restore the integrity of externally corroded pipelines, engineered to ISO 24817:2015(E) standard.

Due to severe external corrosion, defects resulting in 80% wall loss.  



  • PCR Composite repair to reinstate the structural integrity of the pipeline at multiple locations for various pipe sizes (20",30" & 48"), length of repair required was up-to 20 meters.     

  • Required repair design pressure 30 bar.     

  • Required repair design temperature 80°C.     

  • Design repair lifetime 5 to 20 years.     

  • The thickness required for restoring the integrity was engineered in accordance with ISO 24817:2015(E) :         

- For 20” = 6 PCR-GX+15 PCR-CX2         

- For 30” = 2 PCR-GX+11PCR-CX1         

- For 48” = 15 GX  



  • Application during peak summer with high ambient temperature, conditions beyond 50°C.     

  • Profiling the defect area with the Epoxy filler and achieving the pipe curvature.     

  • Required layers had to be done in limited amount of time in ordered to achieve client strict deadline.



  • Surface preparation was done to Swedish standard Sa 2.5.     

  • PCR Metal putty was used to profile the defect and make it in line with the surface.     

  • PCR epoxy adhesive was applied on the pipe to enhance the adhesion between the substrate and fabrics layers.     

  • Application of required number of layers using hand layup method.


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