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Citadis Tram

(Lyon Tramway LT6)


Scope of Supply: 
Project Duration:
Train Manufacturer:
Train Operating Country: 
Fire Norms: 
Surface Finish: 

Citadis trams will be able to accommodate up to 300 passengers each, the equivalent of more than 3 buses. Citadis offers optimum onboard journey quality with a fully low floor, air conditioning, a video surveillance system and audio-visual information. Citadis is up to 98% recyclable, thus helping to preserve the environment.
These new Citadis trams will be designed and manufactured on the Alstom site of La Rochelle, France.
PCT was commissioned to manufacture the train cab front ends on a tight schedule.The Scope of work included tool design, industrialization, tooling, testing ...

- Cab frontend (fairings)

- 2019 - 2020

- Alstom

- France

- EN45545

- Painted + Anti Graffiti clear coat

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