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Mohamed Bin Rashid Library


The Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR) Library is created to be the largest library in the Arab World that house more than 4.5 million printed, audio and e-books alongside Dubai Creek in the Al Jaddaf area. The book-shaped library building is inspired by the rehl, a traditional lectern for books, and specifically the Holy Koran.


As part of the Leed building criteria, 10% of the total electricity has to be locally generated and consumed, which is equivalent to 1MW. So, the solar panels are placed on the roof of the library, as well as above the parking lot. PCT developed the Photovoltaic concept, that leads to better results than demanded. This solution is equipped by Sunpower PV modules, which have a good price/efficiency ratio.

Under the plan originally presented, use of white solar panels would have achieved an additional power production. The color of these individual produced modules are close to a white wall, but have only 40% of the capacity compared to a high level clear module. Due to this fact this solution did not fit the clients budget. More information:

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