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Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are comprised of a reinforcing fibre in a polymer matrix. 
The characteristics of the reinforcing fibre influences the features of the final product. 
The matrix, the resin defines the bonding of the fibres and further attitudes like aging or resistance against osmosis. The final combination can result in the strongest materials for their weight that technology has ever developed. By adding a lightweight core the stiffness-to-weight and bending strength-to-weight ratio can be increased. This sandwich construction enhances the flexural rigidity of the structure without adding substantial weight. 

General Advantages of Composites

  • Great design freedom 

  • Weight reduction

  • Long lifetime

  • Low Maintenance

  • Improved abilities of the final product (planes, trains, cars, boats..)


  • Free design, complex forms 

  • Special surface finishes and effects

  • Less/no visible joints


  • Low weight means more economic transportation and installation

  • Offsite prefabrication of large sections/panel sizes

  • Less disruption during installation

  • Reduction in size and cost of supporting structure, foundations, fixation brackets etc.

  • Less or no scaffolding required - improved Health & Safety


  • Services can be factory fitted into the structure

  • Easy Quality Control

  • Long lifetime

  • Superior durability and longevity

  • Resistant to atmospheric degradation

  • Reduction of disruption


  • long lifetime

  • less thermal insulation required

  • possibility of recycling

  • possible use of natural fibres and resin

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