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Carkeek 47 - Designers Comment

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Carkeek 47 - Designers Comment

Designers Comment:

Alongside the development of the Carkeek 40, PCT has been working on a larger 47ft HPR racer: the Carkeek 47.  She has been created with similar objectives to the 40: a cutting edge inshore/offshore racing yacht with grand prix performance, construction, and technology.

PCT's on-going R&D using CFD and VPP technologies continues to build on its TP, GP42 and VOR background to bring the new breed of racing yachts onto the water. PCT has welcomed the opportunity to showcase this technology, and is in the process of completing the build of the second Carkeek 47.

Key grand prix features include: all-carbon construction, twin running backstays with deflectors, triple spreader carbon rig, large optimized fixed bowsprit, and a high aspect ratio sail plan with square top mainsail. To accommodate competition in both inshore and offshore international sailing events, the Carkeek 47 is designed to fit onto a rotating cradle for shipping and onroad transport, and to fit over a 40ft flat rack/platform container.Further practical considerations include a quick release lifting cassette keel option, and two part rig.

The Carkeek 47 has been designed in two editions, outlined below:

Grand Prix Edition:
Carbon epoxy unidirectional pre-preg/Nomex construction

Race Edition:
Carbon epoxy infused/foam construction

Both versions come with high modulus mast and boom from Southern Spars as standard. The HPR rating procedure accounts for differences in construction type, construction materials, VCG, and many other factors, making the Race version as competitive on corrected time as the GP version.

For those clients interested in a dual purpose HPR/IRC racing yacht, we have developed an IRC mode for the Carkeek 45. This allows owners to be competitive under both rules.

Shaun Carkeek,  Carkeek Design Partners
June 2012

For more information on pricing and specifications:

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