Standard Features

Carkeek 40MKII - Standard Features

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Carkeek 40MKII - Standard Features

Standard Features:

• Light displacement, high performance hull form

• Optimized all-carbon construction throughout

• Carbon rig and rigging
• Structure compliant to ISO Cat A and ISAF Cat 1

• Square-top mainsail

• Twin topmast backstays and hydraulically actuated deflectors

• Fixed high aspect keel (optional quick release lifting keel)

• Custom carbon tiller or twin wheel option

• For competition in both inshore and offshore international sailing events.

• Optional powered winches

Transport considerations:

• Rotated to laterally fit a 40ft flat rack/platform container

• Optional two part rig for transport on 40ft flat rack/platform container

• Rotating cradle for hull and keel support for easy shipping/on-road transport.


Carkeek Design Partners and PCT works with each client to allow a semi-custom approach to the design of each Carkeek 40.


Layout, construction, and fit-out can be altered and optimized to accommodate individual client’s requirements.
The team actively participates in the trials and tuning during the sailing program. On-going data analysis and technical support are available to further develop maximum performance once the yacht is sailing.

Carkeek Design Partners also offers a comprehensive performance analysis service, designed to help you get the most out of your Carkeek40, and sail smarter, faster, and achieve consistent results.

Contact us at to find out more about this additional service.

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