Mataf Ceiling

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Mataf Ceiling

The Mataf Ceiling, combining PCTs skill in both FRP and Concrete, will encompass all four levels of the Mataf walkway. It is composed of UHPC, and includes an intricate, multi-faceted decorative design that has taken several long months to create. The project requires a large amount of work from mould making.

Our in-house 6-axis milling machine has been able to give unique and intricate design details that are crucial in making this ceiling a piece of artwork.

When complete, this decorative composite ceiling will cover an area of c.192,000 square metres. The use of Trend agglomerate and the highly flexural UHPC material, has helped create the intricate, multi-faceted decorative designs on each of the panels. The project specification also details very specific requirements for acoustics and the expected minimum average NRC rating has been set at 0.4.

This has been achieved by using a recessed detail in the decorative detail incorporating extended, glass, sound-absorbing board behind the ceiling panel itself. Special care is also taken to ensure that the fixing and adhesives used are of a category that will minimise the risk of parts falling from the ceiling.

Production of the Mataf Ceiling is set up to optimize the work flow as much as possible. The production facilities in PCT 6 are interlinked with openings to allow materials and parts to pass through the different processes without being moved outside.

Production will be set up in such way that all individual parts and components will fabricated and finished to the correct size and geometry to minimize final assembly times. Each panel will be supplied with a kit of pre-prepared parts for assembly.

New machinery has been installed at PCT 6 to fulfil the work on the ceiling. A fully automated UHPC mixing machine, two new ovens, two overhead gantry cranes with a five tonne capacity each, two new assembly jigs and a three axis CNC milling machine have already been installed.

Production-wise the first of the ceiling plates are in production and it is expected that a substantial portion of the “first phase” will be completed by the end of the year.

With the addition of the two new ovens, all composite panels for the Mataf ceiling are now being laminated at PCT-6. An additional three axis milling machine and two water jet machines have been installed at PCT-7 for use on the Mataf Ceiling project.