FRP Facade for RAK Gateway

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FRP Facade for RAK Gateway

Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) is proud to have worked together with international architect Snøhetta on a prototype composite facade panel for the new Snøhetta-designed 260 meter tower that will mark the gateway to Ras al-Khaimah.

The tower will be furnished with an innovative building envelope, meaning the exterior is fully structurally clad and is delivered to site in an áll in one' unit that is attached to the building slabs without further substructure. This process requires each exterior panel to be fully insulated and to incorporate all external structural skin and surface finishes, all components such as doors and windows and the fixing grid for the plasterboard interior fit-out.

The prototype panel built by PCT, measures 8 x 4 meter and is just one of approximately 1,000 required to clad the entire building. Each panel has a complex bi-axial curved shape and is made from a sandwich of glass fibre and epoxy resin composites with a structural foam core and is fully insulated to reach an optimum U-value. Structural bonded glass windows are built into the facade and each panel is decorated in contemporary ceramic slabs in a repetitive geometric pattern.

To construct the entire facade, the panels will be hoisted up by crane and will be connected to each other with a watertight bolted, panel to panel connection, allowing significant cost and time savings.

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